HK Yeguang Co.,Ltd. has been specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing flashlights over ten years. It would be a smart choice when you have flashlight projects.

  1. A long-established, well-known company. Hongkong Yeguang Co.,Ltd. is the branch-company of Shenzhen Yeguang Co.,Ltd. and the latter one has been manufacturing flashlights over ten years, whose diving flashlights and hunting flashlights are welcome over the world.

  2. Experienced team. After more than 10 years' experience accumulation, our team have accumulated rich experience, and are up to various designing, developing, and manufacturing tasks.

  3. Reliable products. Thanks to our resellers' trust, every year, we sold tens of thousands of flashlights to the world, our products are trusted by more and more clients over the world.

  4. Trusted after-sale services. We always control the quality very strictly, though, it is impossible to make sure every flashlight not to get a problem. But do not worry, we are responsible for all quality problem during the warranty period. 

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