2019 Latest long-range hunting light with deep SMO reflector released

1722次 2019-11-26

Nitesun HT series flashlights: HT15 and HT16 long-range hunting flashlights are coming out!!!

The rest two HT15 and HT16 are coming out now.
If you want a long-range flashlight, then take a look at HT15 and HT16, they are perfect for the hunters who seek for long-range shooting.

Sneak view of the specs of the HT15 and HT16:

Max runtime 15hrs
Beam distance: 550m
Powered by 1*18650Li-ion battery
HT15 long range predator huntng light.png
Max runtime 14hrs
Beam distance: 880m
Powered by 1*18650Li-ion battery
880m long range hunting light HT16.png

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