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With the popularity of outdoor cycling, bicycles have not only appeared in our lives as a means of travel, but more and more friends have joined the "riding army." Despite this, there are still many friends who don't understand the safe-cycling precautions and are more confused about the choice of safe-cycling equipment.Nitesun thinks that cycling is a good thing in itself. Only when riding on the premise of scientific norms, can we enjoy the fun that cycling brings us. Today, Nitesun will talk to you about how to choose a flashlight suitable for night riding.


When it comes to a flashlight for cycling, I have to say the high power flashlight. Some friends may be wondering, isn't riding a flashlight a high power flashlight? of course not. Before the flashlight appeared in the cycling-flashlight, it was originally designed for lighting purposes, hiking lighting, home emergency lighting, and in-car spare flashlights. The glare flashlight has its unique characteristics and is generally concentrated using a glossy concentrating cup. The glossy concentrating cup has high concentrating efficiency, high brightness when irradiated out, long range, obvious central bright spot, and small central bright spot. The contrast between the central highlight and the surrounding floodlights is large, with no obvious cut-off lines, making people feel very glaring. Some well-made glare flashlights can achieve a height of 0.5 meters from the center of the 20-meter illumination. The existing glare flashlights cannot be adjusted at will, so the spot cannot be adjusted to be large.


Most of the glare flashlights have low requirements for seismic use according to their lighting purposes. The device for fixing the battery is a spring. The spring has a problem that it is a big problem. This may cause poor contact, and there may be cases where the gear is turned off. The above characteristics show that the glare flashlight is not the best choice for night riding lighting. Before the introduction of professional cycling flashlights, many people like to use glare flashlights as lighting tools. Some merchants produce a device specifically designed to attach a flashlight to a bicycle. Many people still use this device to fix the glare flashlight as a tool for night illumination.


The riding flashlight was discovered and developed into a professional bicycle equipment by the manufacturer after the popularity of bicycles in recent years. Friends of the night ride know that the speed of night riding is slow, the requirements for peripheral lighting are high, and it is not required to take a long distance. The illumination distance is generally 20-30 meters. Flashlights should be good, the spot should be large, and a large piece should be illuminated when the light is low. It can't cause interference to the car, because the ride may encounter bumps, and the requirements for the equipment are high seismic performance. If the earthquake resistance is not good, suddenly shifting gears is very dangerous. Cycling flashlights may be used in heavy rain conditions, so there must be some water resistance.


The battery above is recommended to use the 18650 lithium battery riding flashlight, because such a flashlight has a large capacity, long battery life, and can be used continuously for several hours under strong light conditions. If you have a flashlight with special signal function, it is better, such as flashlight function and SOS function flashlight. The strobe function also has the same effect as a bell when riding at night, which can remind the pedestrians or vehicles in front to pay attention to dodge, which is very practical. The SOS function prevents the use of light quotation marks at any time in the event of an accident, which is advantageous in outdoor activities.


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