How to set up a dive light

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How to set up a dive light

For a novice photography photographer, the first thing a flashlight needs to use for underwater photography must be flash. However, not every person who loves latent photography will purchase so many professional devices in the early stages. Then, is there any other device that can be used instead? Flashlight, but not at the expense of the quality of the work? Let's teach you how to set up a dive light instead of a flash to complete photography.

1. Facing the light to the subject to be shot, this can reduce the shadow cast by other objects on the subject you are shooting. But remember that lighting up directly above the subject will have terrible effects.

2, unless you want to shoot some creative effects, otherwise do not play down. We are accustomed to the natural laws that the sun is overhead and the shadows are under the feet. Whether it is humans, animals, plants, or still life, we cannot imagine the effect of shadows on the top of the head. If you light in the water from below, the object you shot looks like a Halloween prank.

3, pay attention to highlights. Observe the white highlight on the subject. If you put the lights too close, you will find it difficult to save them later, especially if your ISO is higher than 100.

4. Use the edge of the beam. By reducing the scattering of light by irradiating the subject with the light's edges without shining excess light into the water. This is the basic lighting when you are above or behind the subject.

Use the dive lights to bring vivid colors to underwater photography without the need for a flash. People who are accustomed to shooting with ambient light will find that using a submersible light to make up for the light can get rid of the shadows created by the reefs, cracks, and holes, making more shooting possible.


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