How A Good Outdoor Flashlight Should Be

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The glare flashlight for work use and outdoor use differs greatly in function. The work has high brightness and long-range illumination, outdoor use is better, and the lifetime required for hiking is long. In the order from commonality to individuality, explore how to choose the right flashlight.

Easy to charge the battery
Outdoor flashlights are best used to charge anywhere, even if the mountain village can charge as long as there is electricity, or in most cases, the ideal battery with this feature is the AA battery. 

Power saving
It is impossible to carry a large number of batteries in outdoor activities, so try to use high-efficiency glare LED flashlights to ensure sufficient brightness and long battery life. It is best to have a low-light flashlight that can reach tens of hours or more in order to be able to illuminate every night for more than a week in extreme cases.

Good waterproof performance
Relative to the home flashlight, the first problem to be solved by the outdoor glare flashlight is waterproof. The reassuring waterproof standard is of course IPX-8. It can be used normally when immersed in shallow water (generally within 2 meters). Of course, this is professional waterproof. Standard, the standard for general diving flashlights. In the outdoor, the waterproof standard is IPX-4 or above, and it is not necessary to deal with the rainy weather. In a sense, waterproof is also the content of outdoor reliability.

Multiple dimming
The emergence of multi-level dimming technology finally made the brightness and battery life of the fish and bear's paw appear on the same LED flashlight. You can choose the most appropriate brightness for different purposes such as camping, hiking, search, etc., while saving valuable electrical energy. At the same time, multi-level dimming technology has also derived a number of auxiliary functions, such as SOS distress signal. When it is in danger, it can issue a Moss password for help and search for help.

High reliability
The requirement for lighting tools for outdoor sports is “ready to use”. Unreliable lighting tools that are not working at critical moments are fatal and can be life-threatening. Therefore, high reliability is the most important principle for selecting LED outdoor sports lighting tools.

High brightness
The outdoor activities are complex, and no one can guarantee what kind of situation you will face. When high-intensity lighting is required, it is dangerous to have a flashlight. Therefore, a high-brightness flashlight is an essential lighting tool, especially for the exploration of unfamiliar road sections. The maximum brightness of a strong light flashlight is preferably more than 200 lumens.

Constant brightness
While the glare LED flashlight is working, the battery is getting lower and lower with the energy consumption voltage, and the brightness of the conventional glare flashlight is also reduced, and the lighting effect is gradually deteriorated. When the brightness of the glare flashlight is reduced to a certain level, it is no longer possible. Provide proper lighting, only replace the battery, and this time the battery is still half the power, so this part of the power is wasted. The emergence of constant brightness technology solves this problem. The constant brightness flashlight can ignore the change of battery voltage and provide almost constant brightness for most of the time, which not only improves the lighting effect, but also fully utilizes each of the batteries. Divide power.

Small and light
The outdoor light flashlight should be as small as possible and light in weight. It does not increase the load and saves physical strength. The general personal outdoor light flashlight is preferably controlled within 150g. Of course, large-area lighting flashlights need to be different in weight and volume.

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