What kind of flashlight do the security guards need?

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Patrol is an act of moving back, moving, viewing, and alerting in a specific area for the sake of safety and vigilance. The patrols in the dark are more difficult, mainly reflected in the limitations of lighting technology. From the eyes to the torch lighting, to the lantern lighting, to the flashlight, lighting equipment has always been a necessary equipment for security personnel night patrol.

So as a security guard, how do you choose a night patrol flashlight?

First, lightweight

Night security often shoulders important responsibilities. As a patrol flashlight for defensive auxiliary functions, it should be as lightweight and miniaturized as possible to maximize the functions required to meet the requirements of patrolling personnel and reduce the load.

Second, the brightness

High brightness is the second important requirement for patrol flashlights, and sometimes this feature is even ranked first. Sufficient lighting brightness can help patrol personnel to detect abnormal conditions and make correct judgments in time. The biggest difficulty faced by night patrols is the limitation of the line of sight brought by night, no light, only natural light such as stars or moon, etc. The distance that the eye can clearly distinguish is no more than 100 meters. It is especially difficult when the environment is bad, so the higher the brightness of the patrol flashlight, the better.

Third, the range is far, and the close-range lighting

In the patrol process, the sooner an abnormal situation is discovered, the sooner preventive measures can be taken. Medium and long distance illumination is the most important choice. This requires proper product concentration, moderate astigmatism, and obvious light column. At the same time, it needs to take into account the use of medium and close range illumination and has a certain level of the floodlight. Between the long range and the close range illumination, it is appropriate to design according to the use situation and select the most suitable balance point.

Fourth, the long lighting time

Long-term use is an important feature of the patrol process, so the lighting duration of the flashlight has certain requirements, at least one night, and it is convenient to charge and can be in standby at any time.

Five, waterproof, anti-fall, anti-corrosion, high and low temperature

These points are based on different regions. Waterproofing is an important factor in areas with heavy rain. In areas with cold winters, whether it can maintain normal operation at low temperatures is an important evaluation of the quality of patrol flashlights.

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